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Fall Season Checklist 2022

Fall checklist to launch your sports season with PrestoSports

The fall seasons are breathing fire down our necks, but everyone performs best under a little pressure, right? That means it’s time to put all of your team in action. They can’t do that until they have access. 

Adding Users

First things first - you have to get your team added and up to game speed to tackle the program sports teams. Follow those instructions to Add New Users



Season Setup

Get ready for the first kick-off, serve, start, and everything else you have going on. Follow these instructions to set up your season. 




Steps to Using the Front End Editor to Update Menu Links

The days of editing your menu links are here! After setting up a season in the PrestoSports CMS, you will still have to update the front end of your websites to make schedules, rosters, stats, etc. for the year. Let’s go through each step of the process to update those links throughout your site as you prepare for another great year.

1) First, log into your PrestoSports CMS using your credentials on the administration site for your website. You must be logged into the CMS while using the front end editor at all times.

2) Second, open the front-end editor by going to your site by opening another tab on your web browser. For example, at The University of Scranton, clients log into The front-end editor for Scranton would be An example of where to find this for your site is here:


  • Watch how to open the front-end editor step by step:



3) On the front end editor, you should see the following buttons across the site: “edit” and “customize”. PLEASE DO NOT click the customize button when editing menus for the upcoming season.

4) From here, you can go into sport-specific menus and update links within each to reflect the upcoming year, making schedules, rosters and other items live for all viewers of your site to see. The steps to complete are as follows:


  • Editing Main Site Menus



  • Editing Sport-specific Page Menus:



That's it! As you update information for an upcoming season, this must be done when items are completed throughout the back end of the CMS. Using the front-end editor enables users to easily get to proper menus to update information that normally would be very difficult to locate throughout the website tab on the CMS.

If you need additional assistance contact support here:

Contact Support