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Work Smarter, Not Harder

StretchCast simplifies your work with direct integration into the new PrestoSports platform and other streaming options. Users can send to multiple destinations, like Facebook Live and Twitch while simulcasting to your official StretchLive digital network. With integrated four-channel instant replay, the platform simplifies a multi-camera production workflow into one easy to manage interface. It enables users to easily create lower thirds and other sport-specific graphics, like starting lineups and team stats that viewers expect. Live scoring data from PrestoStats, StatCrew, NCAA LiveStats and other platforms is included, and scoreboard outputs drive data in real time. If you don't have a stats platform our manual controls allow a broadcaster to manipulate scoreboards and game clocks in any situation. Your audience will never know - or believe - that it's all being created by just one person!

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PrestoStream - StretchCast Features Include

  • Two and Four Camera/Video Source Maximum

    Two and Four Camera/Video Source Maximum to offer multiple perspectives just like the networks.

  • Stream to Popular Destinations

    Stream to Popular Destinations like PrestoSports, RTMP and Switchboard Live integrations, wherever your audience is.

  • Commercial Break Builder

    Commercial Break Builder enables you to set up commercial breaks on the fly or before the broadcast begins and fire with one click to meet your obligations.

  • Pre Recorded Content Playback

    Pre Recorded Content Playback incorporate interviews, video packages and more to add interest to your broadcast.

  • Audio Support for two audio sources

    Audio Support for two audio sources that can be mixed in the application for depth and realism.

  • Full-Screen Video Motion Graphics

    Full-Screen Video Motion Graphics including comparison stats for individuals and teams, starting lineups, and halftime help tell a complete game story.

  • Spreadsheet Integration

    Spreadsheet Integration for creating lower thirds and other graphics on the fly simplifies your workflow.

  • Instant Replay

    Instant Replay for up to four cameras, with one button enter/exit of replay mode ensure you have the best perspective.

  • Picture-in-Picture

    Picture-in-Picture enables live reports from the sideline, a video feature and more without missing any of the action.

  • Compatible

    Compatible on a PC or a MAC.

"By combining NewBlue’s phenomenal capabilities with our new generation StretchLive platform, this is the perfect complement to realizing our all-in-one vision for sports broadcasting with an amazing partner."

Keith Womack President