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Next-Gen Sports Fundraising

Raising the funds necessary to run a competitive athletic program is one of the biggest issues facing every organization. It's become a year-round competition that can be a drain on staff time and other resources. That's where PrestoRaise™ gives you an advantage. With no out-of-pocket costs, easy set-up, complete transparency, and instant reporting PrestoRaise tools empower you to run your campaigns your way.

Get Started

PrestoRaise Dashboard

Your Program, Your Control

  • A dedicated campaign website and campaign management system
  • No out-of-pocket expenses thanks to a small convenience fee
  • Track campaign progress in real-time from anywhere
  • Access your funds on your terms
  • Targeted funding for projects from large to small
  • Simple and transparent pricing and payouts
  • Set appropriate access and permissions for different users

What fans want

Fans are starving for ways to feel part of the team and make a difference. When presented with smart and fun opportunities, they are more than willing to leap in and help with both their wallets and time. Learn more about real-world fundraising success.