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Custom Website and Social Media Infographics

PrestoCanvas automates the creation of video and still graphics with a few clicks of the mouse, previously the domain of specialized graphic designers. That's made them the favorite of sports information directors at major universities everywhere. PrestoCanvas' visual power is now integrated into the PrestoWebsites solution. Clients can publish live data to social media or their website using custom infographics complete with the school's colors, logo, and other graphics and share with fans watching or following anywhere, anytime.

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Why PrestoWebsite + PrestoCanvass?

  • 1,400 clients use the PrestoWebsites Solution.
  • Custom designed graphics for anything from player features to video boards.
  • On the fly infographic creation with PrestoWebsites.
  • Showcase team's look and personality.
  • 450 infographic templates available.
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