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Empower Your Team with Complete Control Over Events, Schedules, and Your Life

The PrestoSports Super Suite is an integrated solution that puts you at the center of everything. With simplified login and access, you can jump to your key activities at each event throughout the day without missing a beat. With critical information auto-populated, automated workflows, and advanced mobile capabilities, you can deliver the productivity of a much larger team at a much lower cost.

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How You Can Maximize Your Time and Resources with the PrestoSports Super Suite

  • Enter information once and populate it across your sports universe - web, mobile, social, internal, and external stats platforms.
  • Update fans and the Network in real-time with PrestoStats integration that requires minimal inputs and minimizes opportunities for errors.
  • Stay on the move during those busy multiple-event days by creating, capturing, and distributing content on the fly from your mobile device.
  • Ensure gametime is real-time anywhere with dynamic scoreboard and calendar updates for recent and upcoming events.
  • Produce big-time broadcasts with bare-bones teams using multiple integrated Hudl cameras, and automated workflows that push and publish to all of the right channels.
  • Beat your competition to the social punch by producing and posting social graphics with stats, roster information, logos, images, and videos in just seconds
  • Streamline event sales and entry with easy-to-use contactless digital ticketing solutions that don't require special readers or additional equipment, just an everyday smartphone.
  • Activate your audience with unique fundraising and loyalty events that you create and launch in just minutes, complete with dedicated websites and secure money transfers.
  • Put your camps on the top of everyone's must-attend list with a professional website that builds trust and all of the tools you need to lift the busy work from your team.

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