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The Future of Sports Streaming

Hear what's in store for this leading powerhouse in athletic program.

As the world becomes more comfortable with and counts on sports streaming, the production expectations continue to rise. Smart athletic programs are figuring out ways to meet those rising expectations and planning ahead. For Dillard University Athletics and Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes, that will mean adding shots without dramatically revamping their team. "I'm looking forward to us finally having multiple shots," she says. "So we've done it. That is the next piece of that. What I'm hoping to be able to do is have a full-fledged broadcast where we have at least two, three different camera angles, and then we have our broadcasters, and I want to be able to eventually do the sideline interviews. That's our next level in terms of production. PrestoSports is going to allow us to do that very easily."

While the technology is great, it's people that make the systems work. "I will say this, the other thing that I love, and I think it matters in any business is you have to have good customer service. So my relationship with the PrestoSports team has been amazing again, from one-on-one training, from calling anytime there's an issue and understanding of who we are. I wasn't a broadcast major, I was a communications major, but Hey, I wound up coaching, right. But literally, I learned how to produce a broadcast. Not only have I learned how to do that, but I was also able to train my students to understand what we're trying to do. And that piece of it in terms of helping elevate our program has been key. And that's because there's fantastic customer service. We want to put our best foot forward. PrestoSports has allowed us to be able to do that." Hear more about what the future of sports streaming could hold for Dillard University. 



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