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Seeing the Future of Athletic Communications

PrestoSports all in on solution anticipating needs of athletic communications.

The athletic communications playing field has undergone dramatic change in recent years. It would tough to argue that it's been in favor of institutions with finite budgets as they're tasked with doing more and more with less. From mobile to ticketing to streaming, the demands and expectations keep piling on. Always with an eye on the future, PrestoSports has been continuously expanding and integrating solutions to make it the most comprehensive offering in the industry. 

"That's another area with PrestoSports that we have been as a school and university have been excited about is all the other people that have come into the family," says Chad Grubbs, Director of Athletic Communications, at Hardin-Simmons University. 

"We had been with Stretch Internet forever ever – we were one of their first clients way back when. We've got on board with Hometown ticketing in the last few months because obviously, COVID-19 is changing everything. We were with ScoreShots before ScoreShots integrated. Some of these places that we are already using are coming under the same umbrella, and it's nice to have it all in one place.

I think PrestoSports has done a great job of branching out because it goes back to knowing what your clients need. I feel like, for almost everything, PrestoSports has been able to do that. They ask the questions and they want to know how they can help. They’ve done a good job in seeing out the future of what we're going to need at the small college level."



See How Hardin-Simmons University Tackles New Challenges with PrestoSports


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