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Payment Solutions in the Experience Age

Payment solutions impact the fan experience, discover what how lies on the horizon.

What role do payments play in your fan experience? It’s a key interaction with your fans - right in their pocketbook. Minimizing the friction - making it easy - to complete those exchanges is critical to a great experience. Whether it’s a recurring online payment for a streaming subscription, or a point of sale transaction for concessions or gear, the experience you provide says a lot about your program. 

PrestoSports, part of Clubessential Holdings LLC, is continuously looking for ways to help our customers enhance the experience fans have with their programs and improve their operations. The advantages and impacts are far-reaching. Watch and listen as Clubessential Holdings CEO, Randy Eckels, talks about the advantages of an integrated payment solution, including:

  • Enhancing the fan experience

  • Increasing operational efficiency

  • Identifying critical business data-points in real-times

  • Addressing COVID-19 guidelines


Clubessential Holdings LLC

Clubessential Holdings is a Battery Ventures company, fulfilling their global mission of investing in and creating cutting-edge, category-defining businesses by providing a full suite of membership and club management Software as a Service solutions to private clubs, health & fitness clubs, military organizations, municipalities, and college athletic programs. Across four brands – Clubessential, ClubReady, PrestoSports and Vermont Systems – the company offers a variety of forward-thinking technology and services which help more than 8,000 customers attract, engage, and retain club and community members and fans for life. For more information, visit the following websites: Clubessential; ClubReady; PrestoSports; Vermont Systems: