“Thank You! You guys are doing a great job over there. Also, we used PrestoSports Stats for the first time last weekend for soccer and field hockey, and it’s such an improvement over Statcrew, I really enjoy it.” Mike O'Brien Amherst University
“The stats entry itself was simple enough as I've been doing Stat Crew for about a decade now, so it was pretty smooth transitioning.” Jeff Kelly Austin College
“We use Presto on iPads for soccers and field hockey and adore it.” Jim Caton Bowdoin College
"I am loving the Presto stats entry. I learned almost all other sports on Presto and tried learning basketball on the older StatCrew software last year (I hated it). I am new to the sports information world and I find that learning on this modern software is much easier for me. I practiced with it during a scrimmage at the beginning of this season and never looked back. I am just one year out of college and from the conversations I’ve had with other sports information directors, they understand that my generation will be learning on this modern system. I find it much easier, from having the live stats already set up, to being able to easily go back and fix any mistakes in game time. It is all very clear and easy to figure out." Lauren Neilan Clark University
"I heard good things from people following the live stats in the stands. They updated promptly. Baseball seems pretty solid. I didn't know statcrew at all but I had a copy of the statcrew code cheat sheet and Jim Dixon knows older statcrew very well." Pat Coleman D3sports.com
“ My GAs/students use PrestoSports exclusively for soccer and lacrosse and love it.” Luke Stillson McDaniel College
“I really enjoy and have benefited from the live scoring entry from PrestoSports, specifically for soccer. We just use an iPad with a Verizon data package and with a few minutes of charging between games we provide full stats service for two full games. This was a huge breakthrough for us.” Trey Meadows North Central University
I used the Presto LiveStats software last night out of a problem with my StatCrew software and WOW am I glad I did. It's great! I intend to use it all season --- if my coaches don't force me back to StatCrew. Taylor Mickelberry Randolph-Macon College
"Macs rule, PCs drool. The introduction of PrestoSports' stats entry platform meant a welcome return to the Mac as my primary computing tool. Being able to use the live scoring feature on any browser-enabled device makes it easy to train our work-study individuals who then can use their own device (Google Chromebook, iPad, etc.) to score any game. Even old-school stat keepers can use similar letter codes they’ve grown accustomed with StatCrew." Ed Habershaw Salve Reginia University
“Soccer is pretty good- I had an intern who knew nothing about stat input and was doing it all on his own by mid-season.” Mike Nosek Southern Vermont College
“With all the changes in technology and the uncertainty of where Stat Crew was headed, we decided to 'take the plunge' and use PrestoSports Stats Entry for all of our sports (soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse - nearly 100 games total) during the 2013-14 academic year and had very few issues. The programs are so intuitive that student workers could use them with minimal training and, since the platform can be used across multiple devices, we asked the students to bring their own laptops to use at games. We also appreciate how simple and failsafe it is to send live stats. The level of support is outstanding is the price (free) is difficult to ignore. I highly recommend giving PrestoSports Stats a try!" Corey McCarthy St. Joseph's College Maine
"We use PrestoSports Stats Entry for soccer, lacrosse, and basketball and absolutely love it." T.J. Garske Thomas College (Me.)
“Presto stat entry is amazingly intuitive and allows a smaller university, like Transylvania, to become more efficient. We rely heavily on student workers and it is often difficult to find students who are able and willing to work consistently, particularly entering stats. The ease of Presto allows us to be able to train effectively and efficiently and will enable us to have a more well-rounded staff. I continue to be amazed at the time saved thus far when it comes to preparing for an statting an event. The accessibility of information of others within the Presto network saves valuable time leading up to the event, as well as following an event and cuts out numerous, inefficient steps that most have come accustom to.” Brandon Johnson formerly of Transylvania University
"We went into soccer and field hockey without any tutorials or reading any of the instructions. We just did it. And it was just easy. We had multiple people doing it and it was just easy." Paul Sweeney Tufts University