"The new camps tab was terrific since coaches were provided access for that tab only. As the originator of the camp forms and former registration manager, I did not have much to do with the management of registrations this time." Wendy Jones Meredith College
"As the person who sets up the camps on line the new system is super easy to use and integrate into our web site! Awesome assistance from your staff too when we have question!" Ann King The Sage Colleges
"Camps were on hold at our college because of concerns with risks associated with cash flow. Because of the relationship with Presto and the camps function, we were able to re-launch camps on our campus." Matt Ennis State College of Florida
"Our Rising Stars Camp went extremely well! Last year they had roughly 140 campers register, this year we had 162 register online only, and had over 200 campers (we allow paper registration as well)!" Rachel O'Connor Ashland University
"Personally, I love the online camps. One it gives the coaches and athletic teams a new way to market their programs. We can tweet out the registration links, or put them up on our Department's Facebook page, it really helps reach out to another target segment. I give you a whole bucket of credit, and appreciation because I know I email you constantly about putting up this camp or that camp, and it is always done with in a day. PrestoSports and yourself have been tremendous to work with. I really like how the front end view has been updated. It's clean and simple, but organized which helps draw people in. As we talked the other day, you mentioned being able to give Camp access to coaches, so they can track their own camps, that will be a great feature! As the Director of Sports Marketing and Promotions I'm also looking forward to what this can help us with us in regards to marketing. Having campers email addresses means we can actively engage with them about promotions at Ashland Athletics, and encourage them to sign up for camps again in the future. I am really looking forward to continue the online camps, and see how they will develop and change, this is a GREAT addition to PrestoSports!" Rachel O'Connor Ashland University
"The refund process is awesome" Wendy Jones Meredith College