“We like the unlimited package we have with PrestoSports, which is letting us get more and more of our events online. With new sports coming to campus, we’re planning to broadcast as many as four events simultaneously throughout the year and 6-10 games in a day, and PrestoSports puts no limits on us.” Steve Schauer Concordia University Wisconsin
“We love how flexible and easy to use the PrestoSports Broadcast platform is. With a Chromebook and a $20 headset, we were able to get one of our student-athletes to do audio broadcasts of our Spring break baseball games in Florida. In the future, we are looking at using an iPad or iPhone for mobile broadcasts.” Geoff Henson Olivet College
“The new Score Bug has been great. We use the stats data we already send to PrestoSports to improve the information our fans see, and it makes game day production easier, since we don’t need to run and update separate score bug software.” Blake Freeland Oral Roberts University